Beaucher Électrique Inc. in Sherbrooke’s social responsibility

Doing our part for the environment


Proud supporter of the Mira Foundation through the free recovery of ink jet and laser printer cartridges in support of the cause.


Working to protect the environment by promoting the recovery and repurposing of batteries by providing free recovery. Collection site authorized by the Québec Government.


Recovery of fluorescent bulbs containing mercury. Free collection site for individuals and companies (large volume) recognized by the Québec Government.


Par des efforts du personnel, de l’équipement adapté et de nouvelles méthodes de Thanks to the efforts of our staff, adapted equipment and new work methods, we have reduced our consumption of paper by more than 50%.


Sherbrooke is proud to be a « Ville amie des aînés » (VADA), that is, a city that collaborates with the local resources in order to enhance and better frame the needs of its 60 plus population. Beaucher Électrique is a proud supporter of this project.

Professional associations and certifications